Adjustable Rechargeable Voltage Current Simulator / Analog -10-0-10V / 0-22mA Signal Generator


    Analog  0-10V / 0-20mA Signal Generator with Rechargeable Battery Pocket Adjustable Voltage Current Simulator LB01G Calibrator

    100% brand new and high quality
    High accuracy, 2 decimal point output, 0.01V, 0.01mA.
    4 digits brighter LED display, two decimal points accuracy, output can be calibrated.
    Support external 15-30V operating power supply, 5V micro USB port, and Built-in lithium battery
    Have rough and fine adjusting modes, the rotation turns is settable.
    Have one switching button to switch between current and voltage output.
    Current and voltage output simultaneously, output wiring terminals are independently.
    Have 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire current outputs.(Support active and passive)
    Multiple output range: 0-10v, 0-22mA,, etc. Output range is settable and programmable.
    Programmable multiple display mode: current voltage value display, 0-100% display, 0-50.0Hz display.
    Output terminals have short-circut protection, power supply terminals have polarity reverse connection protection.
    Infinite rotation knob, high accuracy long life span encoder to adjust output. Mush more stable and accurate than the potentiometer type.
    Small size comfortable external shape: alloy adjustable knob, elegant external case, easy to carry.
    Pluggable wiring terminal blocks, very convenient to do wire connection.
    Technical Indicators
    1  External Power Supply: DC15-30V 1W (Non charge)/ 5W(Charging);
    2  3.7V Lithium Battery Capacity 1000mAh,Maximum Charge Current 0.8A (Selection
    3  External Connection microUSB- 5V: 0.2A(Non charge)/ 1A(Charging);
    4  Adjustable Voltage Output 0-10V, Precision 0.01V,Can Be Calibrated;
    Maximum Output Current 100mA, Short Circuit Protection;
    5  Adjustable Current Output 0-22mA,Precision 0.01mA,Can Be Calibrated;
    Sampling Resistor 10-500Ω,Can Be Short;
    6  Digital Display Digit 4 Digit, Two Decimal;
    7  Encoder Knob Rotate One Circle Has 20 pulses;
    Material: Plastic, Alloy
    Dimensions: 100x60x25mm(3.94x2.36x0.98in)(approx)
    Color: As pictures shown.
    Quantity: 1 pc

    Pocket Size Adjustable 4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V Generator with Rechargeable Battery Embedded

    BRT LB01GB (have rechargeable battery inside embedded)

    Main Features

    • Support 24V operating power supply via wiring terminals and 5V from USB port, can be used in indoors or outside industrial site.
    • 1000mAH 3.7V re-chargeable battery embedded inside, very convenient to use.
    • High precision 0.01V, 0.01mA output and LED display output signal value accurately.
    • Output range: passive or active 0-20mA, 0-10V, etc; output range and precision are programmable and adjustable.
    • Small pocket size, put it in your pocket, very convenient to carry, save cost.



    Technical Parameters


    0-10V 4-20mA Generator parameters

    0-10V 4-20mA Generator

    Referential Application Circuits


    *Sampling resistance is only for reference, no needed to add when using our generator.


    Accuracy Testing Show


    Parameters Programming Steps
    1.Press down and hold button for 2 seconds to enter into parameter setting states, then LED meter displays  "F001" (F001 is Parameter Code Number);
    2.Turn the Knob to change the parameter code number (When entering into “F002”, user needs to enter password "+ - - +" first. );
    3.When displaying parameters code number, Press down knob "OK" to enter into the corresponding parameter value setting state, then rotate knob to modify the parameters.
    4.Press down the knob "OK" to save parameters setting and exit. LED meter displays next parameters code number ( If haven't enter the password, the signal generator will be returned back to normally adjusting mode after setting "F001" value );
    5.Rotate the knob directly till the last parameter code number "Fend" is displayed, then press down the knob to confirm and save.
    The parameters setting is completed, and the signal generator returns back to normally operating status. 
    6.In parameters setting process, if no any operation to the generator for more than 10 seconds, the signal generator will exit setting status and return back to normally operating status.

    Parameters Programming Examples:

    >> Modify "F001" Coarse/Fine adjustment mode:



    >> "F006" Precision Calibration Steps Explanation: 
    *When doing F006 precision calibration, please do adjust the signal generator output to 10V or 20mA firstly.
    Figure 1→2:Press down and hold Knob for 2 seconds till it displays parameter code: "F001";
    Figure 2→3: “+” Clockwise rotation once, Display“- - - -”;
    Figure 3→4: Input Password “+ – – +”, Display“= = = =”;
    Figure 4→5: Press “OK”, If password is correct, displays “F002”, Otherwise displays “Err” and Exit;
    Figure 5→6: Rotate Knob till displays “F006”;
    Figure 6→7: Press down the knob “OK” to set the value of “F006”, and then modify the value so that the actual output signal value (measured by high precision multimeter) equals to the value displayed in LED panel (10V/20mA); A high precision multimeter needed in that step.
    Figure 7→ : Press down knob “OK” to Save. Otherwise parameters will not be save if there are no actions taken for more than 10 seconds.
    * Its output range and display mode setting methods are the same to that steps above, please contact us to get user manual. Pls refer to operating vedio above.
    About Password " +--+": After entering the right password (by rotating the knob), the LED Screen displays ==== OR + - - + OR ---- (all are right, depends on ex-factory pre-setting), then press down the knob, you can go to F0003....F006 parameters setting.
    Battery recharging time required is 3-4 hours. When recharging the battery, the LED screen is on (cannot be off), and it can automatically stop to recharge the battery once it has been fully charged. It provides convenience for user to use power bank or 5V, 1A out AC/DC power adapter to recharge it and use it to do calibration at the same time. Please refer to the User Manual to get more details.

    Parameters Code Number Table





    Transition: 1cm=10mm=0.39inch

    No retail package.
    Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
    Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!
     Please contact us for more information.

    Kit include:

    1 x Signal Generator (other accessories demo in the picture is not included.)

    33 JD
    In stock

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