Air spider Y600-3 Tri Copter Fram


  • Name : A(200200)804 - Air spider Y600-3 Tri-copter Multi-copter Body Kit .
  • Material : import nylon plate + high-end aluminum square tube + stainless steel screw.
  • Wheelbase: 600mm260g.
  • Flight mode: Y-type three-axis flightand can easily flip 360 degree move and other move.
  • Package content : Tri Rotor Multi Copter + Accessories .


  • (1) Extra Flick Aluminum Square tube suitable for Beginnereasy maintenance and repair.
  • (2) 600mm Axis distance the best Balance design for ControlMore stable for FPV. it is the best Choice for beginner Level.
  • (3) Fully compatible with the MK KK.
  • (4) Foldable design easy to storage.
  • (5) Flight time: Excellent design allow standard battery flight time more than 18minwith a high-capacity batterythe flight time can be more than 25min.

50 JD
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