Arduino heart rate measurement module


    • Module Input voltage 5V-3.3V 
    • module output: AO output is an analog signalthe oscilloscope can see the connection all the 

    way to deal with the case microcontroller AD analog signal acquisition mouthheart rate data 

    can be collected 

    DO output pulse signalhigh and low 

    3 Output amplitude: the output can be adjusted to achieve the general 

    Third to the magnitude of VCC 

    Modules use 0805 resistors and capacitorsand this module provides schematics 

    This version of the heart rate sensor module uses a finger clip to get a fingertip heart rate 

    datasensor sampling principle is not visible through the launch tube high transmittance IR 

    infrared irradiation fingertips across the infrared emission is the corresponding infrared 

    receiver . Different time heartbeatblood capillaries in the fingertip is not the samethe 

    infrared light transmitting through the finger tubethrough the infrared receiver receives the 

    amplified signal according to the infrared light through the finger determine the heart rate.

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