Decode nearly any kind of 1D (striped) barcode in your project using this adorable compact barcode scanner. We\'ve looked all over for a smalllightlow-power module that can be easily integrated. This OEM scanner has a little camera inside that takes 100 photos per secondinstead of using a \'scanning mirror\' assembly. This means its less likely to get damaged or out of alignment. 

This all in one module is the simplest we could find. On the end is just a USB cableplug it into any computer (or microcomputer such as BeagleBoneRaspberry Pietc) and it will show up as an HID keyboard. When a barcode is scannedthe raw data is decodedparity-checked and spit out as if they were typed on a keyboard. 

Like all barcode scannersyou can do some basic configuration by powering it up and \'scanning\' in special barcodes in the manual. For example you can change the delay between \'typed\' charactersor what the terminating characterif anyshould be. Check the download tab for the printable manual. If you\'d like to set up the scanner to be different than the defaultprint it out on plain white paper and scan each \'configuration\' code. The config will be saved to non-volatile memory so you only have to do it once. 

This reader will read a wide variety of barcode standards. The most common ones such as CODE39 and UPC are supported out of the box. To enable some of the rarer standardscheck the manual as you may have to \'scan configure\' to enable it. 


  • Light Source: Visible Red light 632nm LED
  • Depth Of Field: 230mm @ 20mil/0.5mmPCS90%
  • Resolution: 5mil/0.127mmPCS90%
  • Ambient Light: 5000 Lux Max
  • Voltage: DC +5V -5%
  • Power Consumption: 80mA
  • Reading Indicator: Beeper
  • Scan Rate: 100 scans/sec  10%
  • Operating Temp: 0 oC to 50 oC (32 oF to 122 oF)
  • Storage Temp: -20 oC to 70 oC (-4 oF to 158 oF)
  • Relative Humidity: 20% to 95%(Non-condensing)
  • Mechanical Shock: 2000G0.7ms3 axes
  • Interface: USB HID Keyboard
  • Cable: Straight 5 ft.
  • Connector: MOLEX 11P Pitch 1.25
  • Weight: Approx. 0.56 oz(17 g)(w/o cable)
  • Dimension: 44 mm W x 30 mm D x 19.2 mm H


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