Create your own wireless Bluetooth keyboard controller in an hour with the Bluefruit EZ-Key: it\'s the fastesteasiest and bestest Bluetooth controller. We spent years learning how to develop our own custom Bluetooth firmwareand coupled with our own BT module hardwarewe\'ve created the most Maker-friendly wireless you can get! 

This breakout acts just like a BT keyboardand works great with any BT-capable device: MacWindowsLinuxiOSand Android. Power the module with 3-16VDCand pair it to the computertablet or phone just as you would any other BT device. Now you can connect buttons from the 12 input pinswhen a button is pressedit sends a keypress to the computer. We pre-program the module to send the 4 arrow keysreturnspace\'w\\'a\\'s\\'d\\'1\' and \'2\' by default. Advanced users can reprogram the module\'s keys using an FTDI or other Serial console cablefor any HID key report they desire. 

You can pair multiple Bluefruit\'s to a single deviceeach one has a unique identifier. These modules are FCC & CE certified and are RoHS-compliant so they are easy to integrate into your project. 

If you want to have better control over the data sentconnect a microcontroller to the RX pin at 3-5V logic level9600 baudand send ASCII data: it will be \'typed out\' character by character. We also have support for various non-printable characters such as ESCShiftF1-F12etc. as well as toggling the virtual keyboard on iOS. 

Warning! Your computer/tablet/phone must have Bluetooth v2.1 or higher Many low-cost Bluetooth USB modules are v2.0 only (that\'s why it was $5!) Anything built in the last 5 years with built-in BT is OKincluding all Macs and iOS devicesbut if you have to add BT to your desktop machine with a USB adapterplease make sure you have a v4.0 adaptersince that will definitely work! 


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