Bigfoot car shock absorber - Infinite 1:10 - HSP108004


108004 188004 Aluminum Alloy Metal Shock Absorber 105mm 08001 08058 1/10 Upgrade For Monster Bigfoot Truck 94111 94188

100% Brand New

Product: Shock Absorber

Coding: 108004

Quantity: 1 pai

Suitable for car 94111 / 94188 / 94108

The difference between the normal version and the improved version:

The products sold on the platform are basically ordinary metal shock absorbers, and the sealing is not very good. It is not recommended to refuel because there will be oil leakage. Players who do not add shock absorber oil can use it.

Kit include:

2 x Bigfoot car shock absorber - Infinite 1:10 -  HSP108004

8 JD
In stock

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