Brass Motorized Ball Valve Two Control Electric Actuator DN25 AC220V 2 Way 3-Wire with Manual Switch


Dimension: DN25
Size: 1 inch
Feature: 3-Wire Two Control
Way:  2 Way 
Open/Close Time: 25 seconds
Maximum Working Pressure: 1.6 MPa / 232psi;
Medium: Water, Air, Oil;
Voltage: AC220V  50/60 Hz Available;
Power: Max is 6W
Operation: Motor and hand(with manual switch function)
Life Time: 100000 times;
Material: Brass, ABS plastic
Seal Material: EPDM & PTFE;
Environment Temperature :0°~65° in Celsius;
Medium Temperature: 0°~95° in Celsius
Protect Class: IP 54
Pay attention to a few points!
1. The valve opening and closing line cannot be charged at the same time, otherwise the motor will be damaged or the work will not be normal!
2. It is not allowed to switch multiple switches in parallel at the same time, otherwise they will be connected in series and abnormal.
3. It is not waterproof and can not be used outside or in humid environment.
4. The voltage should be stable within 220 ± 10%
This brass motorized ball valve applicable to air conditioning fan coil system and heating system in the off control, by the ball valve and the actuator composition, Actuator using synchronous motor drive, built-in limit contacts, the valve can be fully open or full off when the power, stable action.
This Valve used for heating systems and air-conditioning fan coil systems on-off controlled by the valve and actuator components, actuators driven by a rotary valve ball 90 percent of movement. Synchronous motor driven actuator, Built-in limit contacts, enabling the valve in the fully open or fully closed off, the action and stability.

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