Brushed Electric Motor MY1025 24V 250W 2750RPM High Speed Motor


This 24V 250W MY1025 brushed motor has a rotation speed of 2750 rpm, with plenty of power.

This exquisite small electric scooter and off road vehicle power unit is equipped with an 11 tooth 25 sprocket and an additional mounting bracket.

You can rotate the motor clockwise or counterclockwise by reversing the wire of the motor.

Brushed motors have low heat generation, long service life, large torsion and high efficiency.

Brushed electric motor has fast responses to throttle input and accurate throttle linearity.

How to Use:

Installation method: Connect the motor to the ESC (not included), then connect to the power supply (not included) and receiver (not included), and then start the test.


Item Type: High Speed Motor

Material: Aluminum

Color: As Pictures Shown

Weight: Approx. 1905g/4.2lb

Quantity: 1 Piece

Rated power: 250 W

Rated voltage: 24V

3C Rated Voltage Range: Below DC 36V

Rated Speed: 2750RPM

Rated Current: 14A

35 JD
In stock

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