CJMCU-34725 Color Sensor RGB Color Sensor Development Board Module TCS34725


1. Red, Green, Blue (RGB), and White Light Sensing with IR Blocking Filter
2. Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time
3. 3,800,000:1 Dynamic Range
4. Very High Sensitivity ? Ideally Suited for Operation Behind Dark Glass
5. Maskable Interrupt
6. Programmable Upper and Lower Thresholds with Persistence Filter
7. Power Management
8. Low Power ? 2.5-uA Sleep State
9. 65-uA Wait State with Programmable Wait State Time from 2.4 ms to > 7 Seconds
10. I2C Fast Mode Compatible Interface
11. Data Rates up to 400 kbit/s
12. Input Voltage Levels Compatible with VDD or 1.8 V Bus
13. Register Set and Pin Compatible with the TCS3x71 Series
14. Small 2 mm*2.4 mm Dual Flat No-Lead (FN)
1. RGB LED Backlight Control
2. Light Color Temperature Measurement
3. Ambient Light Sensing for Display Backlight Control
4. Fluid and Gas Analysis
5. Product Color Verification and Sorting

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