Carbon Fiber Tube Twill Matte 8x6x500mm


Carbon fiber tube can be used to replace aluminum or steel tubes in a wide range of projects. The Carbon fiber tube of the same weight as an aluminum or steel tube can be much stronger and lighter. This 20mm roll wrapped carbon fibre tube is manufactured predominantly using high modulus (T700) unidirectional prepreg carbon fiber oriented to provide maximum strength in the lateral axis.

Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes offer superior strength in general use to ‘pultruded’ tubes (which have all their fibers running in exactly the same direction.

The use of unidirectional fibers and maximum strength in the lateral axis does mean that the tube is not strong across its diameter as it is along its length so should be used in such a way as to avoid unnecessary crushing forces across the tube.

Roll Wrapping:

The phrase ‘roll wrapped’ refers to the process used to manufacture these tubes. The prepreg carbon fiber is first laid up around a mandrel in multiple layers. Once the reinforcement is in place it is spiral-wrapped with heat-shrink tape before the whole assembly is oven cured.

Kit include:

1 x Carbon Fiber Tube Twill Matte 8*6*500mm

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