D9 Temperature 3D Printing Pen


1. Input voltage and current: 5V, 2A

2. Adapter parameters: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

3. Applicable consumables: 1.75mm ABS or PLA

4. Fixed temperature: 210 degrees Celsius

5. Temperature adjustment: non-adjustable

6. Speed adjustment: three speeds selectable

7. Nozzle material: ceramic

8. Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm

9. ABS shell, wear and tear resistant, no color loss

10. Curved body design, suitable for ages 5 years and above

11. 6 heat dissipation holes in the nib to increase usage time

12. One piece molding, good heat dissipation, long life

13. High quality thickened steel piece, impact resistant, more stable operation

14. Surface polishing technology, reduce friction and more silent

15. Dimensions: 185x29x43mm

16. Weight: 0.056 kg


Steps to use:

Step 1: Connect the power supply (the pen enters preheat when the power light is on)

Step 2: Wait for the power light to turn green when the print pen is ready for normal use, the warm up time is about 15 seconds

Step 3: Prepare the consumables for cutting, click the feed button, put the consumables in when the motor turns, wait for about 5 seconds for the pen to dispense normally

Kit include:

1 x 3D pen

3 colors x 10m PLA

1 x USB charging cable

3 x Stencil paper

1 x Instruction booklet

1 x Pen holder

30 JD
In stock

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