DC-DC Boost Converter (Step Up) Adjustable Voltage Regulator 150W 6A


DC-DC Boost Converter DC DC Converter Module Step Up Static Adjustable Output Voltage Regulator 10-32 V 12-35 V Step Up 150W 6A

Non-isolated step-up Module 
Input voltage: DC 10V-32V 
Output voltage: DC12V-35V (continuously adjustable) 
Output Current: 10A (Max.) 
Input Current: 16A (Max. ) (more than 10A, please enhance heat dissipation) 
output Power: Natural cooling 100 w (MAX), enhanced 150 w heat (MAX) 
conversion efficiency: 94% (Testing under condition 16V input 19V 2.5A output) 
operating temperature: industry-standard 40- + 85 ° C (ambient temperature over 40 ° C, please reduce power, or using fan cooling) 
fully-loaded Rise temperature: 45 ° C 
load Current: 25mA (typical) 
short Circuit protection: None (S’il Vous Plait install fuse or protection circuit at the input terminal) 
input protection Against inversions: no (S’il Vous Plait connect a diode in series with the input terminal) 
size (L x W x H): Approx. 2.6×1.3×1 inches / cm 6.5×3.3×2.35 

DIY Adjustable Car Power: Connect input terminal to 12V power source and the output voltage would be continuously adjustable from 14 V to 35 V. but please be reminded that the output voltage can not be lower than the input voltage. 
PC car power: Connect the input terminal to 12V power source, and adjust the output voltage for your laptop . 
Boost Charger. allow you to charge the storage battery over 12V with 12V power to charge 24V storage battery eg. 
Charger for Your Electronic Device 

Kit include:

1 x DC-DC Boost Converter (Step Up)  Adjustable Voltage Regulator 150W 6A

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