DC-DC Step Down15A Converter 4-32V 12V to 1.2-32V Buck Adjustable



Module : 15A synchronous-rectified buck

Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK)

Input voltage: DC4-32V (Limit 36V)

Output voltage: DC1.2-32V continuously adjustable

Minimum differential pressure input and output: 1V

Output current :0-15A 10A long natural cooling, the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, the peak of up to 20A. Decrease the amount of higher ambient temperatures use.

Operating temperature: -40 to +85 ℃

Operating Frequency: 150KHz

Conversion efficiency: Up to 98% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current, pressure related)

Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current 25A) input fuse is 15A

Over-temperature protection: Yes (over-temperature automatically reduce the output current)

Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (if required in the input string into the diode)

Installation: four 3mm screws

Connection: terminals, solderless, V-IN as an input, V-OUT is an output 

Module dimensions: length 60mm width 51mm height 22mm


    This module can be applied to the input voltage is higher than the output voltage of the buck areas, such as batteries, power transformers, DIY adjustable power supply, 24V car T of the power supply, automotive LED lights with power, industrial equipment buck, 12V turn 3.3 V, 12V turn 5V, 24V turn 5V, 24V to 12V and so on

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