DC geared Motor with Encoder 12V 125RPM


Rated voltage: 12v

Speed: 130 r / min

Load torque: 2kg.cm

Stall Torque: 6.5kg.cm

No-load current: 110mA

Stall Current: 1500mA

41 line encoder ensure the measurement accuracy, which is the revolution of the motor output 41 pulses, pulse shaping is not integrated trigger circuit section motor PCB, so the need to add a comparator circuit or directly in bunches of two resistors (launch string 390ohm, receive serial 20k), the microcontroller IO port directly, is mounted on the motor due to encoding the primary, and therefore the resolution is quite high, and assuming 1:34 deceleration after use, the reaction on the resolution of the drive shaft 34 * 41 = 1394 lines, making it ideal for single-chip processing, raster resolution of this motor is very suitable for making smart car, and the stability of the high-beam photoelectri

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