DODO Smart WIFI Relay


This smart module is designed with 2 gears and can be used for 1-way, 2-way or 3-way switches. With timing function - single / repeat / countdown / loop timer. You can set the timer according to your own habits so that the light can be turned on and off automatically.

  • Remote Control via DODOTIK App Turn on or off your light wherever you are at any time through both 4G or WiFi network by DODOTIK App. Never worry about going out without turning off light . Saving your energy and electricity fees.
  • No Hub Required. Never use annoying central hubs again. Simply connect it to your WiFi network,smart switch is ready to work without the need for a separate hub.
  • Overload Protection Precise circuit design and premium material enable the smart wall switch to automatically power off when exceeding the rated burden. Keep your family and device safe.
  • Smart Schedule Timer: Schedule the smart light switch to automatically power electronics on and off based on your daily schedule and preferences. Power saving eliminate wasteful standby power and prevent overcharging and overheating; set a time limit to turn off the light or secure your home when you are not home.
  • Simply replaces your old wall light switch to control permanently installed lighting, also works with any one-way connection lights. Neutral wire required.


Mini Size

17" x 16" x 9" / 34*40.30*22.50 MM

  • High Temprtature Flame Retardant
  • Fire and leakage prevention, high temperature and heat resistance
  • Voice Control
  • Compatible with amazon alexa 

- Input: 220V 240V (50 60) hz

- Load Power: INC 600w (Max), LED 150w Max.

- Material: PC Panel

- Wireless standard: IEEE802.11b/g/h

- Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz

- Encryption type: WEP/AES/TKIP

- Working Humidity: <90%

- Working temperature: 10 C~55

- Size : 43*40*22.5mm

- Touch life: Over 100 thousand times.



20 JD
In stock

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