Digital Pressure Sensor Module MS5540-CM


MS5540 MS5540-CM 10-1100mbar Digital Pressure Sensor Module 16bit DC 2.2V-3.6V 100 Meters Waterproof Board

1.Low voltage, low power device, and with automatic power off switch.
2.3 wire interface can meet the various communication with the microprocessor.
3.Compared with MS5534A, the pressure range of the pressure drop (10 mbar) is improved.
Relative to MS5540B, MS5534B by the previous 15 bit output to 16 bit digital output.
Other improvements include ESD sensitivity, current consumption, and switch accuracy.
4.MS5540C software is compatible with MS5534A, MS5534B, MS5534C, MS5540B.
In addition MS5540C is compatible with the MS54xx series from its external dimension to the pressure sensor.
5.Sensor glue can be met in the use of waterproof watches without any other protection against the 100 meter water depth.
* portable altimeter / Barometer system
* weather control system or watch wild adventure mode
* standby current < *GPS 0.1uA receiver
1.Absolute pressure range: 10 - 1100 mbar
2. resolution 0.1 mbar and 0.01
3.Chip memory 6 parameters for software compensation
4.Piezo resistive silicon micro sensor
5.Integrated micro pressure sensor 6.2x6.4 mm
6.16 bit ADC, SPI interface
7.3 serial interface
8.1 system clock (32.768 kHz)
9.Operating voltage 2.2 V ~ 3.6 V
10.Working current < 5uA
11.RoHS compatible & Pb-free
12.Operating temperature: -40 ~ C ~ +85 ~ C
13.Waterproof, maximum water depth of 100 meters (ISO2281)
14.Board size:18*16mm

 Package includes:
1x Digital pressure sensor MS5540-CM waterproof module DIY kit
1x Pin
MS5540C is a SMD hybrid device including high precision pressure resistant pressure sensor and ADC interface IC.
It is a miniature version of MS5534C Barometer / altimeter module,

Kit include:

1 X Digital Pressure Sensor

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