Digital Servo15KG 270 Degree High Torque For Robot Mechanical Arm



- Weight: 60g

- Size: 40*20*40.5mm

- Speed: 0.16sec/ 60degree 7.4V

- Torque: 15kg/cm 6V,  17kg/cm 7.4V

- Working voltage: 6-7.4V  

- Unload current: 100mA

- Cable length: 30cm


PWM pulse width adjustment angle, the period is 20ms, duty cycle 0.5ms~2.5ms of the pulse width level corresponding to 0 degree -270 degree, that is a linear relationship. Usually the servo actuator controller uses 500-2500 value corresponding to the servo control of the output angle of the duty ratio of 0.5ms~2.5ms, so that the control accuracy of the LD-2701 servo is 3us, the minimum control accuracy can reach 0.2 degrees within the 2000 pulse width!


1* Digital servo with some parts

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