Dual Micro Line Sensor ML2


Our latest design at ingenious way for all type sumo robots (Mini sumo, midi sumo and standard sumo robot projects) 


Can be used for micro sumo robots, mini and mega sumo robots as an edge (white line) detection. 


Gives output when both IR sensors give the white line, which prevents wrong scratch readings at dohyo.

9.80 x 14.00 x 3.30 mm dimensions. 

0.4 grams (The lightest)

Clean marking. Sensor board is very tiny but you can read the pin names very clearly.

How will you use ML2 Line Sensor?

You can directly use ML2 with any digital I/O pin at Arduino, PIC or ARM based (works at 3.3V too and 5V as usual) controller. 

When both sensors see white line it gives logic 1 (5V) so you will use directly digital read function of arduino.


int ML2 = 13; // Connected to Digital 13, any digital pins ok.

int sensorValue = digitalRead(ML2); // sensorValue will receive 0 or 1 according to bottom graphic.


We suggest ML2  for all sumo robot projects for detecting white line more accurate.

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