Egg Incubator - Multifunction Automatic Temperature Humidity Control AC110-220V Thermostat Incubation W9005


Instructions for use:

Detect egg turning function

Press the plus button to observe whether the egg tray is flipped. The factory setting is to automatically flip the eggs once every 90 minutes. The test circuit is connected, and the power is turned on. Add 50-1002mL of water to the minimum compartment, test the machine for 2 hours, and press the control panel. Press the ''+'' button on the top to check whether the egg turning is normal, the temperature is about 37.8, and the humidity is about 60%, which is normal. If the humidity is less than 60%, then add 50-100mL of water to hatch (note: if the humidity is too high, do not When the humidity is lower than 55%, add a small amount of water)

Egg selection

Fertilized eggs that are 4-7 days old, no feces, no cracks, no broken egg liquid pollution, 15-30 degrees environment preheating for 24 hours, after the test machine, lay the eggs and put them into the incubator.


Eggs 21 days, duck eggs 28 days, goose eggs 30 days, pigeon eggs 18 days, crane quail eggs 18 days, peacock eggs 28 days, the incubation period is different, all the eggs are divided into 2 stages, the early stage and the later stage, the later refers to In the last 3 days of the incubator period, the number of days varies according to the incubation period in the early stage. Please take out the hatching net in the early stage, and take out the egg tray in the last three days before putting it in the hatching net. The following uses eggs as an example to explain the instructions. For hatching eggs, the temperature does not need to be adjusted throughout the incubation period. The temperature is always 37.8. Add 1-2 pots of water every day. The humidity is about 60% in the early incubation period and about 75% in the late incubation period.

According to eggs

Inexperienced, can not see before hatching, put it in the machine to incubate for 7 days, leaving obvious bloodshot, pick out the undeveloped ones that are transparent or no bloodshot.

Water injection

There are two water injection holes on the side of the machine. Use a kettle to add 50-100mL of water to the smallest grid of the water tank. If the humidity is not enough, add other water tank grids. According to the air humidity of each region, the size of the machine is different, and the amount of water added is also Slightly different, if the humidity is lower than 50%, you can add an appropriate amount of water. The occasional higher or lower humidity will not affect the hatching. It cannot be always high or low.

Spray or cold eggs

After hatching for 18 days, (eg eggs), use the provided watering can and warm water of 40 degrees to spray a few times above the eggs, the sprayed mist will naturally fall on the eggs, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and can be opened after spraying Cool the eggs with the lid of the machine for about 5-10 minutes, and then close the lid of the machine. If the eggs are not hot, you do not need to cool the eggs.


In the last three days, pick the eggs from the egg tray to the hatching net, and place them at will. At this time, there is no need to turn the eggs, but the humidity in the past few days should reach about 75% to prevent the eggshell from being too hard to break. Pick up the egg skin, wait for the chick feathers to dry, take it out from the incubator, find a cardboard box and put a light bulb in it to slowly dewarm and raise it

This process takes 7-10 days, and the deworming temperature is about 30 degrees.


  1. Using high-quality materials, the quality is guaranteed
  2. Four-screen display: hatch countdown, incubation days, temperature and humidity are all displayed on the screen
  3. Customize the selection mode, hatch a variety of choices
  4. The function of looking at eggs, easy to choose eggs, all in one machine
  5. It should be widely used in civil and industrial fields

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