Electrolysis Water Generator Machine- Small Engine


Electrolysis Water Generator Motor Machine Model Chemical Electrolysis Reaction Kid's DIY Learning Educational Toy Teaching Tool

Work principle
This product is the first equipment of our cross-border fusion chemistry. It adopts the famous foreign dry-type hydrogen-oxygen generator, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high gas production, easy maintenance and good heat dissipation. The electrolyzed water generates hydrogen + oxygen, and the hydrogen oxygen ignites the generated water without any contamination in the process. Add water after the liquid has fallen, and the only electricity consumed is electricity. Different from ordinary gas, solid and liquid fuel, there is no carbon dioxide generation in the heating process, and there is no such thing as insufficient combustion. The main structure of by-products such as blackening, carbon ash and so on is transparent acrylic design, and the reaction process is straightforward. The remaining solution is visually visible. It is convenient to explain the principle and process products can be used in teaching, glass heating processing, jewelry heating processing, hydrogen and oxygen welding, thin metal cutting, and various heating.
Product parameters
Product Name: Water Ionizer

Total weight: 6-8kg

Size: 20*30* 35cm

Voltage: 220v to 12v

Power: 200-300w

Delivery list: power cord, spray gun

Small machine include 9 pcs metal sheets, large machine include 13 pcs metal sheets.
Product features
This product is designed to be small in size and has a high gas production rate;

The structure is straightforward;
Safe and durable, high reliability;

No pollution;

Anti-tempering protection;

Real 304l stainless steel;

12V460W high power supply;

Dry oxyhydrogen generator structure sodium hydroxide electrolyte.

1. The water inside the received product is normal, we will carry out sealing test before delivery;

2, be sure to wait for more than half a minute to re-ignite to prevent tempering caused by bursting;

3. Do not close the gun valve after power-on. If it needs to be closed, be sure to close the gun valve first, and immediately disconnect the power supply;

4, the temperature of the burning gas is extremely high, can not be touched by hand

1. First dissolve sodium hydroxide in water to form a saturated solution

2. Pour the liquid into the reactor along the copper tube. The liquid height is about 3/5.

3 Screw on the copper tube and add 2/3 or more water to the adjacent acrylic tube.

4Open the gun valve

5 Wait for half an hour while powering up, emptying the air

6 ignition can be

7 If you need to shut down, be sure to turn off the gun before turning off the power.


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