Electromagnetic 6 Ring Cyclotron Scientific Experiment Instrument


  • Everyone has heard of toroidal accelerators in physics experiments. This was originally used for particles. But we don't need to accelerate the particles, this product is mainly to study the effect of product cyclic acceleration in orbit.
  • The product has two versions with 4 coils and 6 coils. The more coils, the faster the acceleration. There is no difference in the others. Each coil is independently controlled by a circuit board
  • Not affected each other. 12v low voltage electricity, safe and reliable, and long-term use power is also very low, the coil does not generate heat.
  • Rising and releasing track, easy to start, hand-driven, and intuitive, convenient to demonstrate the principle
  • Infrared sensor, dedicated circuit, long life, high accuracy, almost no delay

Please use it on a stable and stable surface

Please do not use other voltage power supply to avoid burn out

Please keep the track free of debris and deformation, so as not to affect the smooth running

Product Name: Ring Accelerator

Voltage: 12V

Power: 8W

Size: 32*8cm / 30*8cm

Weight: 1925g/ 2419g

79 JD
In stock

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