Flexible Solar Panel 2V 1W Thin-film


The Thin-film flexible solar panel is built on an ultra-thin backsheet. It can be installed in a curve of up to 30 degrees. In addition to its unique flexibility. It packaging with durable, high light transmittance ETFE film and fast curing EVA film.
Utilizing the latest flexible solar cell technology that we offer a new solution to your battery charging needs. No longer do you require a flat surface for mounting your solar panel. That means a lot of makers can build their outdoor prodcuts with the lightweight and flexible solar panel.
 - Thin-flim
 - Flexible
 - Waterproof
 - Chainable
 - Lightweight
 - Dimension: 186x78x0.5mm(with edge 208x78x0.5mm)
 - Weight: 29g±2g
 - Voltage: 2V
 - Power: 1W
 - Conversion Rate: ~10%
 - Cell Type: Three junction of flexible amorphous silicon thin film solar cells

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25 JD
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