How To Use:

Step 1 is plug in gun, load the glue sticks into the back of the gun

step 2 is press trigger several times until the glue stick is firmly set into the inlet tube

step 3 is allow the glue gun to warm up for approximately 5 minutes

step 4 is squeeze trigger until glue flows from nozzle

Repair holes in window screens reattach the float for a tank after its mount corroded away; Repair

broken tail light covers on cars; Reattach trim on cars; Reattach the side view mirror on a car

Reattach the heel of a shoe; Repair the cracked housing of an electric appliance; make an impromptu model for your kids school project

reattach plastic kitchen cabinet drawers to wooden face plates; Repair of toys, furniture, TV, radio or any plastic product body cracks etc

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