HT-M7603 Indoor LoRa Gateway


HT-M7603 Indoor LoRa Gateway 8CH MT7628+SX1303 Wi-Fi + Ethernet for Lorawan with 5V Power Adapter and Antenna 470MHZ/868MHZ/915MHZ

HT-M7603 is a high cost-effective indoor standard LoRaWAN gateway, which can be used independently or as a blind filling gateway. With simple configuration, it allows you to bridge LoRa wireless networks to IP networks and different network servers via Wi-Fi or E-thernet.

This gateway has a sleek, contemporary design. It is wall-mounted, can be easily placed anywhere indoor to ensure that it provides adequate signal coverage.

Main hardware

LoRa baseband: SX1303 + SX1250 chipset.

MCU: MT7628

Network Connection

E-thernet: 10/100M

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Body size

With wall mount and SMA antenna socket: 116*65*30 mm

Without wall mount but with SMA antenna socket: 116*65*28 mm

Interface and interactive

Button: System config

RJ45 socket: E-thernet connection

3.5mm diameter socket: 5V DC power source input

Type C Socket: Used to flash firmware during production

SMA Socket: LoRa antenna (Inner needle and outer thread)

RGB LED: System status (Power, System, Miner Satatus, LoRa TX, LoRa Rx)

LoRa Features

LoRa Baseband Chip: SX1303

Analog Front End Chip: SX1250

Max. Receiving. sensitivity: -139dBm

Max. TX Power: +27 ± 2dBm①

Power supply

Supply voltage: +5V


  • MT7628 MCU, SX1303 + SX1250 Chip
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet supported
  • Maximum output: 27 ± 2dBm
  • The power supply voltage:5V
  • Support LoRaWAN Class A, Class C, custom MQTT protocols

Kit include:

1 X HT-M7603 Indoor LoRa Gateway

1 X Suction Cup Glue Rod Antenna

1 X 5V 2A Power Adapter

170 JD
In stock

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