High Voltage Igniter Kit Arc Ignition Parts Electric Arc Generator DC 3-5V 3A DIY-Manual


  The arc generator, through the 3-5V power supply, produces a short arc.

NO.Parameter Value
1NameHV-1 high voltage igniter 
2Input VoltageDC 3-5V 
3Input Current3A 
4Operating Current<=2.5A 
5Operating Wayself-excitation oscillating boost 
6Operating Frequency20KHz 
7Continuous Operating Time10s 
8Arc Length5mm
9Size 71*18*12mm 
10Ignition Switchyes

Finished Soldering Kits:

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Kit include:

Component List:

NO.Component NamePCB MarkerParameter QTY
1Carbon film resistorsR1 33R/1W 1
2Electrolytic capacitorC1 470UF 1
3Diode D1 1N5819 1
4Button SW1 6*6*5mm 1
5Transistor Q1 D880 1
6Battery terminalJK1 KF301-2P1
7Transformer T1 14*15*81
9Screw Q1 M3*5 1
10Nut Q1 M3 1
11Tie T1 3*100mm 1



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