Human scale load cell sensor 50kg


50kg Body Load Cell Weighing Sensor 

Resistance Strain Half-bridge

When measuringthe correct force is applied to the outer side of the strain E-shaped beam portion of the sensor (i.e.a strain gauge affixed to the intermediateadhesive coating with white beam arms) and the outer edges to form a shear force in the opposite directioni.e.middle strain beam bending necessary changes can occur under stressstrain beam side by another force should not be a barrier. 

The sensor is a group inside the half-bridge strain gaugeyou can use the following three: 
1the use of a sensor with an external resistor full bridge measurement range for a sensor range: 50kg. Higher requirements for external resistor. 
2the use of only two full-bridge sensors measuring range for the range of the two sensors and: 50kgx2 = 100kg 
3the use of four full-bridge sensors measuring range for the range of four sensors and: 50kgx4 = 200kg 

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