INA219 I2C Bi-directional DC Current/Power Monitor Sensor Breakout Module


INA219 I2C Bi-directional DC Current Power Sensor Breakout Module

INA219 Zerø-Drift, Bidirectional Current/Power Monitor With I 2C Interface

Working Voltage 3~5V
Size:25.5 x 22.3mm
Used for I2C port zero drift / bidirectional current / power monitoring sensor module



A precision amplifier measures the voltage across the 0.1 ohm, 1% sense resistor. Since the amplifier maximum input difference is ±320mV this means it can measure up to ±3.2 Amps. With the internal 12 bit ADC, the resolution at ±3.2A range is 0.8mA. With the internal gain set at the minimum of div8, the max current is ±400mA and the resolution is 0.1mA. Advanced hackers can remove the 0.1 ohm current sense resistor and replace it with their own to change the range (say a 0.01 ohm to measure up 32 Amps with a resolution of 8mA)


NA219 can be achieved within the
maximum error accuracy 85C temperature range from -40C to + 1% ,
the maximum offset is 100 uV.
The high-precision products combine the advantages of 12-bit resolution.
This module can be sensed bus voltage range is 0 V to 26 V.
max current 3.2
Requires soldering of header pins (easy!)
Measure high side voltage and DC current draw
Great for tracking battery life or solar panels
Supported by Adafruit for Arduino libraries!
Perfect for your solar or battery powered for Arduino project

Kit include:

1x  INA219  Module

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6 JD
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