ISD1700 series Voice Recording Module


ISD1700 series Voice Recording Module Class ISD1760 Voice Module for MCU AVR PIC

ISD1700 voice module is fast be familiar with and master ISD1700 series chip and the design of a simple practical circuit board. It is suitable for ISD1700 full series chips, with simple operation, function complete etc. ISD1700 series recording chip is a kind of high integration, high performance chip. It can be multiple recording, sampling rate can be in 4 k to 12 k transfer among festival, power supply range can be in 2.4 V to 5.5 V between. ISD1700 and have new recording hint function, when a new recording, LED back to every few seconds flash a to prompt the user a new recording. In addition there are 4 sound to prompt the user's operation results, such as start recording, stop the recording, erase, the next song and all erasure, etc. The recording data storage in the chips in the FLASH, without any compression, so have a good quality and power outages storage. Chip have two road independent speech signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal input. In the independent key mode, when a certain function operation after completion of the chip will automatically enter power down mode to reduce power consumption. In the SPI mode, users can to chips for more multi-purpose operation. As for any memory address for recording, Analog channel configuration register (Analog PathConfiguration register, APC) such as reading and writing.

Size: 52x 55mm
Power supply:  DC5V
The recording time: 6K/75Sec, 8K/60Sec
Frequency 6 KHz or 8 KHz

Simple operation , not need to SCM or other module work direct
Output all PIN For Chip control , Convenient for control

Kit include:

1 x ISD1700 voice module

6.95 JD
9 JD
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