LC100-A full-function inductor/capacitance meter / inductance meter LC meter


LC100-A full-function inductor/capacitance meter / inductance meter LC meter

Brand new and high quality
model: LC100-A
Supply power: +5v ,mini USB interface
Measurement accuracy:1%
Capacitance measuring range: 0.01 pF – 10uF
The minimum resolution: 0.01 pF
Big Capacitance measuring range:1uF-100mF/minimum resolution:0.01UF
Inductance measuring range: 0.001 uH – 100mH
Big inductance measuring range: 0.001 mH – 100H
The minimum resolution: 0.001uH
Test frequency range: L/C about 500KHZ/Big inductance 500HZ
Effective display digits: 4 digits
LCD display mode: 1602
Size: Approx. 85x50x20MM


ICSH014A is a “Capacitance, Inductance Measuring” module.
Engaged in the development of electronic engineers often need to measure inductance and capacitance, and inductance-capacitance meter sold on the market price is higher, and the measurement of small capacitance inductance and small error, this instrument based on LC resonant principle, join the accurate measurement of high-speed micro controller calculation, small capacitance can be measured the inductance 1uH and less than 1pF, the maximum this is also the characteristics of the instrument, particularly suitable for microwave production and switching power supply transformer, inductance measurement.
Four measured mode for ICSH014A (LC module) :
1.C mode…… Capacitance (0.01pF-10uF).
2.L mode…… Inductance (0.001uH-100mH).
3.HL mode…… Large inductance (0.001mH-100H)
4.HC mode…… Large capacitance (1uF-100mF)
All stalls are automatic range, the use is very convenient. In this way, ICSH014A Whether from the measurement range and measurement precision can completely replace any kind of inductance and capacitance measuring instrument on the market, the performance parameters to the digital bridge, is a highly cost-effective instrument.




Product Description

    The LC-100A Multi-Function Inductance and Capacitance Meter is based on the LC resonance principle and incorporates a high-speed microcontroller.

    Precision measurement calculation, capable of measuring inductance below 1uH and capacitance less than 1pF, wide measurement range and high precision

    Small size, light weight and easy to carry. Second, the main function

    1, measurement function

    The LC-100--A Multi-Function Inductance and Capacitance Meter has four measuring gears for ease of use.

    C file ------ capacitance file (0.01pF~10uF)

    L file ------Inductive file (0.001uH~100mH)

    Hi.L file---large inductance file (0.001mH~100H)

    Hi.C file---large capacitance file (1uF~100mF)

    2, clear correction function

    Capacitor mode ----- Open circuit correction;

    Inductance mode ----- Short circuit correction.

    3, display mode

    Direct reading ---- Direct reading display.

    4, frequency display function

    While measuring the component under test, you can view the current measurement frequency.


    Environmental requirements

    1. Do not use the instrument in an environment with excessive dust, excessive vibration, direct sunlight, or corrosive gas.

    2. LC-100A must work under the following environmental conditions:

    Temperature: 0°C-40°C

    Humidity: ≤90% RH (at 40 ° C)

    3. Instrument storage environment temperature:

    -25 ° C -50 ° C, long time no use, should be packaged and stored.

    Kit include:

    1x High Precision L/C Meter Board LC100-A

    1x Mini USB Cable for Power Supply

    21 JD
    In stock

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