LCD Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge Tester For Car


Rapid determination of tire pressure.
High grade digital display chip.
LCD screen display.
A blue backlight, a clear reading in a dark environment.
Test to automatically keep the current data in order to test the post reading.


Pressure range: 0-100psi,0-6.85bar,0-690kpa,0-7.00kgf/cm⊃2;
Resolution: 0.5psi/0.05bar/5kpa/0.05kgf/cm⊃2;
Accuracy: ≤+/-1.5psi
Power supply: CR2032 3V button battery
Size: 140x57x27mm

Kit include:

1 X LCD Digital Tire  Air Pressure Gauge Tester For Car

10 JD
1 in stock
10 JD 1+ units
47.5 JD 10+ units
45 JD 25+ units
42.5 JD 100+ units

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