LITHIUM BATTERY CHARGER 8.4V 1A 1.35*3.5mm for 7.4 battery


LITHIUM BATTERY CHARGER 8.4v 1a 1.35*3.5mm

8.4V  1A Battery Pack Charger T6 Bicycle Light Charging Adapter for Headlight T6 Mountain Bike Front Light LED Head Lamp

Description of Charger Adapter:

The Type of Plug : EU plug

The Input Voltage of Charger Adapter : 100V - 240V

The Output Voltage of Charger Adapter : 8.4V  1A/ 1000mA

The Connector Type of Charger Adapter : DC 3.5mm 1.35mm


  • Item:T6 Li-Poly charger
  • In-put:100-240V50/60Hz 0.35A
  • Out-put:8.4V
  • Caution: indoor use only

Kit include:

  • 1pcs charger

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