LM338K 3A Adjustable Step Down Module DIY Kit Voltage Regulator


LM338K 3A Adjustable Step Down Module DIY Kit 


Circuit board size: 9.6*5.8CM
DC input: 3~35V
AC input: 1~25V
DC output:1.2~30V
Maximum current: 3A
Input and output minimum differential voltage: 3V
Maximum power consumption: 50W

Kit include:

1 x PCB   

1 x KF301-2   
1 x Terminal(red and black)   
2 x 1N4007   
1 x KBL608    
1 x 200ohm 1W resistor   
1 x 4.7Kohm resistor   
1 x 3MM blue LED   
3 x 104 capacitor   
1 x 50V100UF capacitor   
1 x 50V2200UF capacitor   
1 x 50V4700UF capacitor   
1 x 101 switch   
1 x Potentiometer knob   
1 x Potentiometer stents   
2 x M3*6 screw   
1 x 5K potentiometer and the screw nut   
1 x LM7812   
1 x 338K heat sink    
1 x 12V fan   
1 x LM338K   
1 x 30V3A PPTC    
4 x M3*50MM screw   
20 x 3MM nut   
4 x 20mm copper cylinder   
4 x 4MM copper sheet   
2 x 4MM nut   
2 x 4*10 screw 

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