LMK10UU Rectangular Flange Linear Bearing


Linear motion bearings have the characterized of smooth movement, low friction, high rigidity and long life span, economical and easy to maintain or replace. Applications: Widely used in the defense, precision machinery, medical instrument, chemical, printing, agriculture, robotic, automatic production line etc. Linear ball bearing, sealed on both sides to prevent dust, water and foreign matter from entering.

Linear motion bearing is a kind of rolling friction supporting elements, usually used for friction small linear motion mechanical parts, with linear motion axis, circular ball in low friction movement to provide unlimited travel, allowing the temperature within 80 degrees Celsius, great for 3D printer, CNC, and other applications.

Model: LMK10UU

Material: bearing steel

Inner Diameter: 10mm

Outer Diameter: 19mm

Total Length: 29mm

Kit include:

1 × LMK10UU Rectangular Flange Linear Bearing

3 JD
In stock

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