Liectroux automatic window cleaning robot, glass cleaner tool and robotic washer


Glass-cleaning, an annoying thing in many places all the world, especially big and high windows, as well as some outdoor windows. If you leave your windows for a week, they will be definitely covered with dust and become more obvious after wind or rain. It is very inconvenient and hard work to clean them by yourself, however hiring professional cleaning workers is expensive and dangerous. LIECTROUX window cleaning robot costs you less than having your windows professionally cleaned one time. It will be a good helper in your life. Many families, cleaning suppliers, shops, offices, etc. like it very much.

X6 is a square shape, single sided window cleaning robot. Its high-speed vacuum motor keeps it steadily stick on the surface of glasses and even walls. The 2 patented high-friction and anti-slippery silicone belts enable the robot to move freely on the surfaces. The fiber mopping clothes are specially designed for the robot for best cleaning results and they could be easily taken off for washing and reuse.
X6 has built in Uninterruptible Power System(UPS). In the case of power shutting off, the UPS will supply power to prevent the robot falling off from the glass. It is highly recommended to tie the safety rope which could hold up to 150kg weight to some fixture of your room whenever using the robot. Beyond that, the X6 has 2 types of built in intelligent sensors. One is the laser sensor that could detect the edges so the robot could work on those Window/glass doors without frames. The other one is the pressure sensor which will monitor the vacuum status in real time. By just pressing one button, X6 could intelligently schedule the most effective cleaning route, detect the window edges and automatically clean the whole window. The owner could also manually control the robot using the remote controller.

1. LIECTROUX window cleaning robot X6 designed for Cleaning high windows outside, replace dangerous human work 2.4min/square meter, A window of 2m*1m. Takes around 10 minutes in automatic mode. Work automatically,3 cleaning ways. Suitable for different surfaces above 30 °,mirror, bathroom, wall, marble, wood, tile, etc. (no horizontal plane)
2. LIECTROUX window cleaning robot X6 Smart move navigation. Simple 3 step operation: Power on, Suck, Start.
3. About safety: 2.8Kpa vacuum chamber, strong enough. Not fall down. 650ma inner battery to keep it stay safety about 20 minutes when it's out of power. Not fall down. Special climbing safety rope with 150Kgf. Not fall down.


1. Applicable on glass of any thickness.
2. Artificial Intelligent technology applied.
3. Long distance remote controller.
4. Can be used on frameless window.
5. Auto stop after work completed.
6. Fast cleaning speed up to 2mins per square meter.
7. Specially designed fiber mopping cloth.
8. Built in Uninterruptible Power System(UPS).
9. 3 Auto cleaning modes
10. Highly reliable anti-falling algorithm.
11. Auto and manual remote control.
12. High strength safety rope holds up to 150kgf.
13 Low power consumption (65W, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz)


Adhesive type: Vacuum, Square

Cleaning pattern: Linear clean

Glass thickness limitation: No limitation

Cleaning speed:2.4 minutes/meter^2

Auto-cleaning mode:3 modes

UPS(Un-interrupt Power System):20 mins

Frameless window: Yes

Auto-finish: Yes

Safety rope strength: 150 Kgf

Dimension: > 40cm x 40cm

Allowed surface roughness: <1.5 mm

Machine size:24(L) x 24(W) x 10(H) cm

Weight:1.2 Kg

Power range:100~240V, 50~60Hz

Power consumption: 65W

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Available window: Medium & Large scale window

Kit include:

1 * LIECTROUX Windows Cleaning Robot

1 * Remote Controller

1 * Adaptor

1 * AC Power Cord

1 * DC Extendable Cable

1 * Long Hair Fiber Mopping Cloth

1 * Short Fair Fiber Mopping Cloth

1 * Safety Rope

1 * Owner’s Manual

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