Line Laser Diode Module 3V 650nM 5mW



(1) industrial grade: can be used for equipment, , Kam pseudo security, stage lighting, tools, U disk, mobile phone, projection teaching flip pen, warm measuring (ranging) instrument, sweep instrument, marking instrument, level, indoor and outdoor decoration and other products;

(2) sub-industrial level: can be used for beauty equipment, health equipment, gifts, consumer


1.Spot mode: line(Continuous output)

2.Dimensions: diameter 9mm x length 23mm

3.Laser working life: 5000-10000 hours or more

4.Laser wavelength: 650nm

5.Output power: 5mW

6.Operating voltage: DC3V

7.Working current: 16mA ~ 20mA

8.Working temperature: -36 C ~ 65 C

9.Storage temperature: -36 C ~ 65 C

10.Level: sub-industrial grade

11.Color: red light

12.Material: brass

Kit include:

1 x 3V 650nM 5mW Line Laser Diode Module

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