LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera


LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface - Infrared

Are you a super spy trying to spot ninja assassins in the dark? Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out who’s been sneaking to the kitchen at night and eating your snacks… Either wayan infrared camera is the way to go! LinkSprite’s latest serial port camera module can capture high resolution pictures and transport them over TTL serialmaking it ideal for embedded applications. And it can do it in the darkthanks to infrared LEDs. The infrared feature even has a built-in light sensorso as soon as the ambient light gets low enoughit will automatically turn on the infrared LEDs for night vision!

Dimensions: 45.6x30x28mm


  • VGA/QVGA/160*120 resolution
  • Support capture JPEG from serial port
  • Default baud rate of serial port is 38400
  • DC 3.3V or 5V power supply
  • Current consumption: 80-100mA
  • The pin near C03 is AV output pinwhich is an analog output pin


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