M&R power supply 15V 5A 1505DD


Mechanic DPS series digital DC power supply for phone repair, 0-3A/5A current, 0-15V, DSP15D3 DSP15D5 5V USB output led display current, four high-precision current digital display 15V 3A 5A, it is convenient to change mobile phones /tablets and others devices.

Mechanic Digital DC Power Supply --  1505DD : 15V 5A

Product Advantage:
5V USB output
LED display current
Convenient to charge mobile phones / tablets and other devices
Intelligent induction cooling fan
Intelligent temperature-sensitive fan (the higher the temperature, the greater the wind power)
Both sides of the panel have heat dissipation holes, built-in thermal conductivity aluminum sheet cooling temperature, double effective protection of internal components
Heat dissipation hole / heat dissipation aluminum sheet / heat dissipation fan

Short circuit alarm function : When the current exceeds the maximum current designed by the machine, the power supply is cut off and the buzzer alarms
PCB integrated double-sided motherboard : The overall patch is better than the plugin, Double-panel production with high stability of integrated motherboard
High-power pure copper transformer: The internal transformer uses pure copper. Full power anti-burning machine

Additional Function:
DC 9V output port
9V output port at the rear of the fuselage
Can supply the power for the multimeter
Digital display and ammeter dual mode
Double gear current switching
Can be used according to different needs

Screen parameter:
Display voltage
Display current
5V / 15V transfer switch
Display voltage / test voltage conversion switch
Output positive
Output negative
Test voltage positive
Test the negative voltage,
Power switch
USB output
Boot iPhone with one click
Voltage adjustment knob
Range switch of ammeter
USB 5V charging port
Charging current display

Voltage regulation parameters
The output voltage
Voltage output accuracy
Voltage stability
Load stability
Recovery Time
Ripple noise voltage
Temperature Coefficient
Constant current output parameter
Constant current value
Current stability
Load stability
Ripple noise current


  1. Boot with one click
  2. Boot iPhone without battery
  3. Adjustable voltage 0-15V
  4. Maximum output current 3A / 5A
  5. Pointer and digital display
  6. Synchronous display output
  7. 5V voltage lock
  8. 5A & 3A / 1000mA current switch
  9. USB output current display
  10. Boot with one click
  11. 5V voltage lock, adjust the voltage to 4.2V
  12. Connect a tail plug boot cable, which can realize the battery-free boot of iPhone
  13. Boot cable with tail plug (Configure by yourself)
  14. Four high-precision current digital display
  15. 0-3A current, 0-15V voltage, when testing current and voltage
  16. Pointer and LED screen can display values ??synchronously to meet different needs

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