MECHANIC lead-free ESD soldering tip 900M-T-SK


Special Cast Iron Process, Corrosion Resistance, Oxidation Resistance, Especially For Long Life.

Strong Immersion Prolonged, Easy To Melt, Shangxi, Solder Joint Round.

Uniform Inductance, Stable Quality, Lead-Free Material.

Lead-Free Environmental Production, Has Passed The Sgs Test.

All Soldering Stations Used In The 900m-T Series

Such As Table Machine, 936 Series Welding Platform

900m Series Lead-Free Soldering Iron:

 Made Of Pure Copper Components, High Thermal Conductivity, Fast Heat Transfer

 Special Iron Surface Plating, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance

Special Process, Suitable For Lead-Free Solder Welding

 Strong Tin Capacity, No Oxidation, No Tin, No Tin, Tin Climbing Phenomenon

 The Outer Layer Is Bright And Delicate And Very Strong In Rust Resistance

 This Product Has Passed The Sgs Environmental Protection Test

Life Of Soldering Iron Head:

The Life Of The Iron Head Is Determined By The Number Of Welds, And The Length Of Life Guaranteed Depends On The Coating Thickness Of The Head. The Thicker The Coating, The Longer The Life Of The Iron Head, But The Heat Transfer Efficiency Will Be Greatly Reduced, The Life Of The Iron Tip For The Same Temperature Series Of Iron Head, Fine Iron Head, Life Expectancy Than A Rough Iron Head Life Is Shorter. Because The Iron Head Is Working, It Will Inevitably Cause Wear And Tear On The Surface Of The Nozzle Life. Therefore, The Fine Iron Head Is More Prone To Wear, So To Reduce The Life Of The Soldering Iron.

Maintenance Of Iron Head:

The Use Of New Electric Iron, Electric Iron Can Not Bring The New Use, Need To Be Plated With A Layer Of Solder In The Iron Head Method Is: According To The Power Supply When The Temperature Gradually Increased, The Rosin Coated Iron Head; Rosin Smoke, To Melt The Solder Iron Head, With A The Solder Layer So As To Strengthen The Tip Life

Kit include:

1 x MECHANIC lead-free ESD soldering tip 900M-T-SK

3.5 JD
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