MG90 MG90S Micro Servo Motor - 180 degree (High Quality)


Type: One Piece MG90S Full Metal Gear Mini Micro Servo.

Product Size: 22.8x12.2x28.5mm.

Product Weight: 13.6g.

Wiring: Brown: GND, Red: VCC 4.8-7.2V, Orange: Pulse Input.

Structure: Consist of Copper metal teeth, coreless motor, double ball bearing. Attached Accessories: Multi-arms, 20cm wire, fixing screws.

Application Range: 450 E-sky, swash plate servo, fixed wing, helicopters KT, fluttering, gliding, small robots, and other models of Mini Car, Mini Ship, Helicopter and Airplane.

Kit include:

1 * MG90 MG90S metal gear servo 180 degree.

8 JD
20 in stock
8 JD 1+ units
6.65 JD 10+ units
6.3 JD 25+ units
5.95 JD 100+ units

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