This is an MGN12H Sliding Block. The linear rail is used for 3D printing, CNC machine PCB/IC assembly, etc. This MGN12H rail block can be used with the guide rail. It is used for smooth and precise linear is Fit for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, printed circuit board IC assembly equipment, medical equipment, and Also used in machine arms, precision measuring instruments, office automation equipment, and other small linear sliding devices.

Guide rails are made of bearing steel material. Although they are made to be corrosion-resistant for some extent, they aren’t immune to rusting if improperly stored and handled in high humidity and condensation areas, which significantly cause the rusting of this material. In many cases, you won’t face the problem of rusting until the above handling conditions have been met.

Model: MGN12H
Material: Bearing Steel
Bearing Material: Bearing Steel
Strong and durable.
The tool is simple and easy to use.
Professional and technical.


Good quality.

Strong and durable.

The tool is simple and easy to use.

Beautifully designed.

Professional and technical.

The slider could easily and lightly move.

With a steel ball holder/retainer.

Kit include:

1 x MGN12H Sliding Block

14 JD
In stock

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