MK2B Heated Bed Board for 3D printer


112V connection : one cable connect with 1another cable connect 2&3 at the same time; then the value of resistance of the 2 cables is 1.0~1.2real power is 144W. 2. 24V connection: one cable connect with 2another cable connect with 3(one pcs without connection).the value of resistance of the 2cables is 4.0Real power is 24*24/1=144W. New circuitwhether meet the 12 v or 24 vthe power is stable in 144 w. Has good welding LED and resistor The best PCB thermal compatibility bedsupport the 12 v and 24 v power supply. Features: 112 v power supply 24 randomly 2double panelthe other side without wiringuniform heatingprinting effect smooth Regardless of is negative 3wiringwiring at will. The latest versionmainly to upgrade the 12 v and 24 v power supply. Tested144 w can make hot bed temperature of 130 °and fully meet user requirements.

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