MK3 Aluminum Heatbed


MK3 ALU-Heatbed Heat Bed Hot Plate Delta Rostock For 3D Printer

Material : Aluminum Plate
Voltage : 12V/24V
Max Temperature : 110 Degree Celsius
Package Weight : 500g
Color : Red


1.Dual power supply. Operate at 12V or 24V.
2.Large solder pads for multiple wires (ribbon cable) or a SMD pinhead connector can be mounted.
3.Running 24V on the 12V terminals will heat up the heatbed to 100 degree in only 2 minutes.
4.Your printer controller will regulate the power to the heatbed in order to get your preset temperature.
5.100 Degree Celsius possible for both 12V and 24V.

Kit include:

1 x Round PCB Heatbed MK3 ALU-Heatbed

20 JD
In stock

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