Manual ventilator PVC Adult Ambu Bag First-Aid Kit


Simple operation: Simple ventilator corrects hypoxemia due to its simple, fast operation, slight pain and few complications.

Easy to use: The product is simple in structure, easy to use, easy to carry, adjustable and does not require any electrical equipment.

Ergonomic design: professional transparent PVC mask, the shape perfectly fits the face. This product is mainly used for general artificial breathing assistance.

Durable: The material of the valve is durable, and the double inlet / outlet valve does not need to be adjusted when used.

Suitable for a wide range of people: infants, children and adults all have the right style to choose from.


  • Packed in a carry box, easy for carry.
  • Suitable for first aid training or first aid at ambulance.
  • PVC transparent mask can perfectly fit for patient's face.
  • Easy to use, just insert into oropharyngeal airway to keep the patient's airway open.
  • No need electric device, it can be used whether it has compressed oxygen source or not.
  • Simple design, easy to install and use, suitable for both home use and professional use.
  • Used to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately.

Kit include:

1 x Ambu Bag

1 x Oxygen Tube

1 x Reservoir Bag

1 x PVC Mask

4 x Breathing Tool

1 x User Manual

1 x PP Box

25 JD
45 JD
In stock

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