Microwave Doppler Radar Detector HB100


HB100 microwave modules use the Doppler radar (Doppler Radar) design principles of the microwave moving object detectorit mainly used in automatic door control switchsecurity systemsATM ATMs automatic recording control systemautomatic train signals etc. HB100 is the standard 10.525GHz microwave Doppler radar.


  • 1.Type: Microwave Sensor
  • 2.Chip: HB100
  • 3.Frequency: 10.525GHz
  • 4.Voltage: DC 5V±0.25V
  • 5.Current: 40mA
  • 6.Size:length 37mm *width 45mm *height 8mm

Kit include:

  • 1pcs HB100 microwave Doppler radar detector probe wireless sensor Module  10.525GHz

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