Mini APM ArduPilot V3.1 with gps Compass


APM is the ArduPilot Mega series control for short, is currently the highest cost-effective UAV autopilot products, by America 3DRobotics design.
This product is compatible with Arduino, and a portion of the first 4 letters used as product name, so you can see that this project is an open source project.
APM supports almost all visible model: conventional fixed wing, wing, helicopter, multi axle vehicle, vehicle and ship and many other models, complete functions and can be selected in the collocation of fitting case provides automatic return and automatic navigation point standard UAV autopilot for.
The mini version of the APM source control, the default does not contain the GPS module, GPS module supporting the use of customers before the standard version.
In addition, the flight control because many open source data, in principle does not provide specialized technical support, if you are a novice, you need to make sure you can finish the assembly debugging.
Interface: 8 output, 8 way output, GPS, digital +OSD, I2C (external Compass), voltage and current detection input, USB, power supply input
A0 -- A12 interface also has drawn in V3.1.
The function and the firmware and the same APM, and can be used in fixed wing and rotor.
Product Name: Mini multi mode APM / V3.1 source control
Manufacturers number: MINIAPM
Motherboard size: 3.5*3.5mm
Hardware version: V3.1
GPS module: 6M GPS
Support mode: fixed wing helicopter multi rotor
Net weight: 22G containing wire and shell

Size: 35X35MM
Mounting hole distance: 30X30MM
The original ublox6m chip,
Module: UBLOX 6M GPS module
Storage: EPPROM
Compass: 5883 chip
Interface: serial and I2C combined interface
Antenna: passive ceramic antenna

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