Mini Door Electric Lock Assembly Solenoid DC 12V Slim Design Lock,27X29X18mm


  • Material: iron;Item color: silver tone.
  • Wire quantity: 2pcs(1pc black+1pc red).
  • Wire length: 25cm;Item size :27*29*18mm ; Voltage/Current: DC12V/350MA.
  • Operating temperature : -40 to 50 degrees; Net wight :approx 35g.
  • Package Included:1pc Electric Lock Assembly Solenoid.
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  • Imported from USA.

Size Name:27X29X18mm ,1pcs


High quality ultra-compact electric lock.

Rustproof, durable, safety, convenient to use.

Applicable for being installed in the escape doo or fire door
electronic controlled system.

Adopts the principle of electric magnetism , when the current
through the silicon, the electromagnetic lock will achieve a
strong suction which tightly suck the iron, thus lock the door.


Red wire connects to positive, green wire connects to negative.

When it has been connected the wire and the current is
available, the electric lock can control door's opening and

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