Mini Solar Charge Controller Board CN3791 MPPT for LiPo 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Module 6v 2A


Trickle charging of deeply discharged batteries.

Automatic recharge, Battery overvoltage protection.

Charge status and charge end status indication.

Solar panel maximum power point tracking.

Complete charge management for single-cell lithium batteries.

The output of the Solar Charger is intended to charge a single polymer lithium ion cell.

The load should be connected in parallel with the battery. Each Solar Charger comes equipped with a CN3791 power tracking battery charging circuit and pre-installed four 2-pin JST/PH2.0 connectors. Default we have set the holding voltage for MPPT.

So we have 3 version for the input voltage 6V/9V/12V(for Solar Panel working voltage 6V/9V/12V), very suitable for the application of the input voltage and battery voltage difference is bigger.

In general, need to use a switch mode DC - DC converter to realize MPPT function, keep the output voltage and charging current product maximize (output).


Input voltage: 6V

Output voltage: nominal 3.7V full charge voltage 4.2V lithium battery

Interface: 2-pin JST connectors (or PH2.0)

Max Charging current: 2A

PWM switching frequency: 300KHz

Charging voltage: 4.2V ± 1%

Working environment temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C

Size: 45X20X9.5mm

Kit include:

1 x CN3791 Solar Charge Controller Board 1 Cell Lithium Battery Charge Module

5 JD
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