Multi functional Welding Fixture with Magnifying Glass (Helping Hands)


This is a 60mm Magnifying Glass Multifunctional Welding Fixture. This is a useful tool for soldering, electronics, and model construction. This tool’s third-hand clamp is useful for the jeweler and the Electronic Engineers who use a magnifying glass. There are numerous configurations for the two adjustable locking arms with alligator clip jaws and magnifying glass. The magnifier improves the field of vision for small objects, and the heavy, sturdy cast-iron base keeps the work from moving around.

Third-Hand Tool with Magnifying Glass - ZD-10D is a helper for your soldering work. It has a PCB frame with a real-glass magnifier for an improved view. The cast iron base ensures a secure position. Ideal for working on small PCBs, components, clocks, etc. 

The base surface is padded with metal sheet to increase base weight and reinforce stability. - Perfect for electronic welding, modeling, stamp collecting, embroidery, antiques, biological observation, reading, jeweler working, etc.


Help to solder

Free your hands

Made from steel.

Adjustable clamp

Compact and easy to carry

Kit include:

1 x Helping Hands

6 JD
9 JD
Out of stock

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