NFC Smart Ring Black 9


NFC smart ring application APP; Support the use of Android mobile phone NFC functions;

A product description:

NFC smart chip ring is a fashionable wearable electronic product that performs mobile phone function and shares data through the connection of NFC radio frequency communication technology with mobile phone. It does not require any power supply and has high grade waterproof capability. The ring has a built-in NFC chip. You need to bring your own NFC to use it.

II. Operational aspects:

The smart ring realizes screen tomb unlocking by touching the NFC signal area of the mobile phone; Application locks; Quick start application; Send read business card, URL information and other functions.

III. Instructions for use:

(1) First check whether the mobile phone has NFC function. Usually the mobile phone NFC switch is in the system setting of the mobile phone. If the user does not find the mobile phone NFC function and other options, please contact the mobile phone manufacturer after sale or Baidu to search for the corresponding mobile phone model. With NFC function, And confirm the cell phone NFC signal area.

(2) If the mobile phone has NFC function, turn on the NFC switch, search the application software market about NFC function software, download the installation, according to the above prompt operation.

(3) Open the downloaded NFC software, according to the above instructions of the software,

(4) Since NFC is a near-field communication, when reading any task, make sure that the ring chip is located in the NFC signal area close to the phone, otherwise it may cause normal reading and writing. Then according to the mobile phone APP, function operation setting, matching, establish fast function application.

(5) Support NFC function smart fingerprint password lock, NFC smart attendance, need to match, write label information or number synchronization can be used.

Kit include:

1 x NFC Smart Ring Black 9

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