Nema17 Stepper Motor high Torque 70N.CM 42BYGH 1.7A 1.8 Degrees (17HS6401S) 60mm Motor 4-Lead for 3D Printer and CNC


*High Torque: HANPOSE stepper motor Adopting high quality motor steel material, is provided with high torque (42Ncm( ), low self-inductance reactance, responsive and can avoid system error. Low loss stators have better high speed performance.

*Low Resistance: HANPOSE stepper motor can get a lower resistance value compared to motors of the same thickness and torque. This considerably increases the thermal conductivity of the motor. This effectively reduces the increase in temperature.

*Excellent Service: CE ,RHOS,FCC certified: Each nema 17 stepper motor has undergone a rigorous quality control ex works. If need further please fell free contact us, we very happy to assist you.

*Wide Application: This small stepper motors can be used in various area, such as 3D printer; stage lighting; laser engraving; textile machinery; medical equipment; placement machine; non-standard equipment; automation equipment etc.

*What You Get: The package includes 1* 60mm Stepper Motor/1pcs 1m 4pins cable and connector (Size: 42mm X 42mm X 60m) ,NEMA 17 bipolar 4-wire:Red: A+, Green: A-, Yellow: B+, Blue : B-

Kit include:

1  X Nema17 Stepper Motor high Torque

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